Sampa Textures by: Mataleone & Crocodilo
Game: Half-Life

All the textures used on de_sampa and much more that were not used. Make yourself a Sao Paulo map!

Download: - 6.5 Mb


Egypt Textures by: Mataleone
Game: Half-Life

Texture set made for an egyptian map that I never finished.

Download: - 1.3 Mb

Flash TFC

Flash TFC Textures by: Mataleone & Valve
Game: Half-Life

Texture set used on a Command Point TFC map I started but then gave up.

Download: - 1.2 Mb


Gladiator Textures by: Mataleone, Scott Braut & Valve
Game: Half-Life

Textures made for the extinct Gladiator mod.

Download: - 6.0 Mb

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