Launch MapWhere to see which servers are running my maps right now.


MapWhere? is a Half-Life server query system that you can easily include in your website. It was made mainly for mappers who want to include in their web sites a facility to show visitors which servers are running their maps, but you can use it for anything you want. Please just don't remove the link to my website from the main screen, that's all i ask.


Installation: Just edit the FAVORITE MAPS section including the name of your maps that you want to appear in the main window, the FAVORITE SERVERS section with the addresses of the servers that you wish to be available at the Favorite Servers page and optionally the SKINS section to change the colors.
Then upload the files to your web provider in a PHP-enabled directory. You need also to edit your PHP.ini file to enable the sockets extension, by uncommenting the line "extension=php_sockets.dll" (remove the ";" from it)
Note: Not all providers support PHP or have the sockets extensikon enables, so check with them first.

Doubts? Support? Unfortunately I will not support this script. It's being freely released "as is". It's configuration is already too simple and if you have any difficulty, try some PHP site. The best support channel in the world is called
If you want to report any BUG, please send it to

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