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17/out/2007 - MiB is back!

Our Made in Brazil forum is back!

18/jul/2006 - FTP OK

Yet another year has passed... at least now the FTP works! I've put all my maps and tools at a free server, let's see how long this one will last.

1/mai/2005 - Return of The Living Dead

Wow, almost one year out! Had several host problems, all resolved now. I wanted the site to come back with a new design, but it'll have to wait. This past year, Half-Life 2 was released, without a doubt one of the best games ever, and with it, Counter-Strike:Source. I'm being asked a lot if we'll be porting cs_rio to CS:C, and the answer is yes. When? I don't have a clue. We want to at least start this year. We also don't know if it's going to be a remake or a completely new map, probably a mix of both. In the moment, me and my cs_rio buddy Crocodile are developing another project that we consider to be another kind of video game, for it involves a PLAY button, videos, soundtrack and lots of peoople having fun together. We're now VJs for the brazilian version of the english project motronic.

4/jun/2004 - eDonkey/eMule downloads

I just added download links for all my maps using the eDonkey/eMule network. Direct from my computer to yours!

25/Abr/2004 -

The portal is already online, the new home of our forum Made in Brazil. And theres 2 new maps featuresd on the Spotlight Brasil section, de_skipton by RMA and ts_shady by Minotauro.

01/Fev/2004 - Parcerias

2003 passed by too fast and I did not release any new map since the Batcave. But in 2004 I intend to get back to mapping, once Half-Life 2 is released. Just as Desert Combat dominated the mods for Battlefield 1942, if Counter-Strike 2 is not released soon, some other mod will dominate HL2. Until the situation solidifies, I'll have plenty of time to build my new map, already in planning stage. While we wait, I released exclusive T-Shirts for cs_rio, de_sampa and Half-Life 2, but all sold exclusively on Brazil. I'll try to get some T-Shirt partner in the US or UK soon. But at least now you can buy CDs with music from my maps and games from here, on the Shopping page.

4/Nov/2003 - Forum and MiB Portal online

The Made in Brazil forums are online again, and also a preview of what's going to be the Made in Brazil Portal. Thanks Wedge for all that!

23/Out/2003 - Some news, at last!

Finally I finished my new design, I hope you all like it (more skins soon)! I added several new sections (Portfolio, Bio, Game Design), and all the classics remain. I've written some stuff for a Level & Game Design book called Simulacron, written by Luciano Augusto da Silva and Antnio Marcos Rech, in the press at this moment. The book is in portuguese and will be released in Brazil only, I will sell it here if anyone is interested. No new maps for now, but I've got some wantong to get out of my drawer, maybe for the Specialists mod... And i've got a possible bad news too, that I hope never come to happen... my host, Hardmob, is under massive cuts, and its future is uncertain. If the worst happen, I'll lose my dear host and be off-line for a while while I set up a new one. Certainly everything is gonna be alright, but anyway I'd like to thank all the staff for their excellent service so far! More news soon...

16/Ago/2003 - G4 Brasil

The G4 TV is now in Brazil, its the G4 Brasil, every sunday 11:30AM. This week, me and Joca, co-creator of cs_rio e de_sampa, taped an interview that will go on air this sunday. I hope to have it here soon.

29/Jun/2003 - News

Sorry for the silence, but since I came back to Brazil (yes, Im back!), I didnt have much time for the site. Right now Im redesigning it, with basically the same content, but new sections and friendlier browsing. I prefer not to promisse any release date (those who follow my maps know Im not good at it), but it will be updated soon. As for new maps, since i saw Half-Life 2, i just couldnt make anything else because, believe me, this is the dream game, and Ill come back to mapping when its released. But I have some other interesting game projects meanwhile. To close, have fun with another Flash movie inspired in cs_rio, cs_rio Stick, made by the brazilian Flash Factory!

08/Abr/2003 -

Welcome to! I finally got my own domain! And to celebrate, Im releasing the official standalone version of de_batcave! Thats why I was taking so long... About the new models I promissed, well, the Max source files decided to crash my computer every time I open them, so I gave it up. PS: I wanted to make a new design for the new domain, but Ill have to leave it for another time...

18/Mar/2003 - Report

I said I would release the standalone version of de_batcave last week, but i couldn't, sorry! Im up to my head in work, but as soon as I get a little time Ill finish the models and release it, so please hang on a few more days. Meanwhile, Punk Ass Fraggers has included it in yet another map-pack, the Hollywood Pack, with maps based on movies and TV series, like The Batman, The Simpsons, Star Trek and Lord of the Rings, among others.

11/Mar/2003 - de_Batcave released!

pic pic
The Day of Frag was a huge success, congratulations the winning team, -/fps/-, and thanks to all the Punk Ass Fraggers crew! Now that the tournament is over, its time to release the standalone version of the Batcave, but latrer this week. Im contributing writing a brazilian Level Design book, together with Luciano Augusto (xzero), Antnio Rech (Alvo) and Homero Meyer ([DC]OZ), available in a few months! And the articles page materias has been updated with scans of my latest interviews for the brazilian magazines Info Games and LAN Games.

15/Fev/2003 - de_Batcave released!

de_batcave has been released by Punk Ass Fraggers for the Day of Frag tournament! For a while it will be availale only at PAF, later on I'll release it here.

09/Fev/2003 - The truth about the Batcave

My new map de_batcave will be released in a few days by Punk Ass Fraggers, to be used exclusively on their Day of Frag tournament, to be held March 1st! The final rounds will feature only my maps cs_rio, cs_coldmansion e de_batcave. While it's not released, watch the pomotional video, with some Batcave footage:

04/Fev/2003 - Spotlight Brazil

pic pic pic
Today I'm stating a new section, Spotlight Brazil, with the best maps made by brazilians! And I'm now participating in the TopBrasil and TopBr web contests, on the Games cathegory. Please give me a hand and click on those links voting for the Mondo Bizarro! I know, I know, stop blabbing and release the Batcave! The map is ready, and will be released in a very special map-pack. In a few days I'll announce when, where and why! Stay with a couple of action shots fromthe map.

24/Jan/2003 - New MDL tutorials

I just uploaded 3 new tutorials, teaching how to make, compile and use models in your maps. All in portuguese, sorry, but you can always try the new Translate with Google link ;). About the Batcave, I've been testing it a bit more, and in about a week I'll have an official release date.

15/Jan/2003 - Batman is coming!

pic pic
My new map de_batcave is pratically done, I just need to include all the cool models like this Batman, all by CabraMacho. Wait for a release until the end of january. And today I received the photos from NaMira Games, with their cs_rio wall! Check it out! Cool!

23/Dez/2002 - En Argentina tambien, ticos! :p

The other day I gave a very nice icq inteview (translated to english) to Vada for the argentinian website CsMapas. And it looks like the brazilian magazine Play especial PCMultiplayer number 1 is already out, with another interview with me, available in the articles page!

16/Dez/2002 - Bat-models

pic pic pic
This week I found the last piece to finalize my de_batcave, CabraMacho is helping me with models and skins. He even made a promotional poster for the map,take a look! Thanks Cabra!

18/Dez/2002 - Magazine feast!

pic pic pic
The december edition of the brazilian magazine Info Exame has an article about brazilian mappers, including an interview with me and my fellows from the Made in Brazil! Also, its special edition, INFO Teen, has an CS article featuring my maps cs_rio and de_sampa! And the december edition of the german magazine PC Action has a new map-pack, called High Qualitiy Classics Pack, including my map de_sampa. And there's more magazines coming soon!

03/Dez/2002 - To the Batcave!

pic pic
Holy Strike! It's the Batcave! My new Counter-Strike map, de_batcave, is in it's final development phase! Hang on!


16/Nov/2002 - dmc_mata1

pic pic
I decided to release my Deathmatch Classic map dmc_mata1. It's a small map I did some time ago but never finalized. I reactivated the site skinz, with 3 new options, matrix (default), tangerine and inblue. And this month I gave an interview for an article about Virtual Reality for the brazilian magazine Galileu.

29/Out/2002 - new design

Today I'm releasing my new web site design! Internally it's all the same, but now it has a lighter html, full english support and is easier to navigate, I hope. The skinz are suspended for a while, I'll add some more when I get time to prepare them.

26/Out/2002 - h2o_alps

pic pic
My map h2o_alps won first place in the Water Wars mod contest! It will be released with the mod, with no release date yet, but here are some pics. This week I made a very cool interview for the Punk Ass Fraggers, with some exclusive pics of my next CS map. And Natural Selection wil be released at the 31st, don't miss it!

18/Out/2002 - PC Action

pic pic
The october edition of the german magazine PC Action shipped with a map-pack including my map cs_oldmansion. Thanks to Clan00! Maybe I'll change site layout. Just maybe.

13/Out/2002 - The sky is the limit

pic pic
I just finished a new map, h2o_alps (pics soon), for the Water Wars mod, still with no estimated release date. Needing a new skybox for it, I made 2 new tutorials, teaching how to do skyboxes with Terragen and from panoramic photos (both in portuguese, sorry!). I also created a new page featuring all the skies I made, and some from my friend Tux. I also added an observer mode overview in the Mosque's zip. And to finish, the articles page have been updated with some scans from the braziliand magazines Veja (it's like the Times in Brazil) and Revista do CD-ROM, both featuring cs_rio.

13/Set/2002 - cs_rio 1.4

Due to bad repercussion on Brazilian TV, I'm releasing cs_rio 1.4, a "politically correct" version. The only changes are that I changed the rap (the lyrics were kinda strong), the soap opera got off the air and I retouched the overview. Nobody needs to upgrate, really.


24/Ago/2002 - Interview

The Counter-Strike Soldiers site opened a Made In Brazil section with an interview with me (translated to english) and a brazilian maps database.

16/Ago/2002 - Old & Cold Mansion

pic pic
If you are a cs_mansion fan like me, today is your lucky day, because I'm releasing two new versions of this classic, with textures by X-Tender! First, I made the haunted Old Mansion, but as it became too dark (great, hehe), the ambience was perfect, so I decided to make a cleaner version, Cold Mansion. Both come with PODBot (thanks to Rubones) and spectator mode support.

02/Ago/2002 - Maintenance

The site was down for the last week due to server upgrade; now we have a much more stronger and stable HTTP and FTP server. Thanks to all the Hardmob staff! And it seems that de_karnak has been well accepted, there's always some servers running it, check it out!

26/Jul/2002 - de_Karnak!

pic pic
Made In Brazil (website soon) proudly presents... de_karnak! This is our first team map, made by me, Tux, Wedge Antilles, Rubones & Vincent Vega. Inspired by de_dust, it has a very good gameplay and runs wonderfully well on a full server. Here are new pics from my new map, Old Mansion, a remake of the classic cs_mansion, which will be released very soon. If there's anything in cs_mansion that you think need to be fixed or improved, please send me an email. also, I updated the skyes in the tutorials page for CS 1.5, DOD 3, Ricochet, Vampire Slayer 4.1 and Science & Industry.

30/Jun/2002 - BRASIL PENTACAMPEO!!!!


27/Jun/2002 - cs_rio 1.3 & de_Karnak

pic pic
With Counter-Strike 1.4 and 1.5, some bugs have appeared on cs_rio, and the new spectator mode. so I'm releasing cs_rio 1.3, with the bugs corrected and the overview for the new expectator mode. Note that only the server need to be updated, you can connect to a 1.3 server with the original cs_rio and the hostages will be fine, but to see the map in expectator mode, you need cs_rio 1.2 ou 1.3. And here are some exclusive shots from de_karnak, the first coop map from the admins of the Made in Brazil forum (Wedge Antilles, Tux, Mataleone, Rubones, Vincent Vega and Johnny Vai a Guerra).

27/Jun/2002 - Back on air

After some time out, i'm back on air! I'm already in Toronto, the Babel Tower of America, there's people from all over the world here, it's kinda difficult to find a Canadian here, he! Meanwhile, I'm proud to have my map de_sampa choosen as the first CS Level of the Week at PlanetHalf-Life! It also has been included on the MapCreater Pack and had some good reviews. My fellow mapper Wedge Antilles is cooking something special for you, non-brazilian people, and I've included his as_specialist inthe Spotlight. I'm slowly getting back to mapping, but it'll take a while until something is released. Oh, and forget about a new design for the site for a while, i'm not in the mood for it now.

01/Mai/2002 - Here I go!

Its time to say farewell to my beloved country Brazil! Im moving to Canada, to work, study, snowboard, meet Santa Claus, and then come back a new and better person. So Ill be away from the game scene until Im settled there. See ya!

17/Abr/2002 - Notes

The release of de_sampa have been very well! Theres always 3 or 4 servers running it (click on the servers link on the left). Its been news on PlanetHalfLife, Info Exame (brazilian magazine), has been featured as map of the week on LanManiaX, among others. And it also has revitalized cs_rio, that received an adorable homage by [V]ongo , the great short movie Um Dia no Sol (A Day In The Sun), and have been included on the Ultimate Map Pack by the 8ball clan. Thank you to everybody! And this week, another great and different brazilian map has been released, as_specialist, by Wedge Antilles, check it out!

12/Abr/2002 - de_Sampa released!

pic pic
Exactly one year after the release of cs_rio, here's the final version of de_sampa! This map is made for 32 players, so be prepared for massive gunfights on the bridges, subways and bus terminals of downtown Sao Paulo. Download it now, check the servers running it with MapWhere and have fun!

11/Abr/2002 - New Textures

pic pic
Here's some texture WADs for the mappers! The first WAD is taken from de_Sampa, with all the textures used in it plus some more. The second is from an Egypt map I never finished. Both are available at the Textures page. Now come back tomorrow to get de_sampa final!

20/Mar/2002 - cs_rio 1.2

pic pic
I've forgot to tell that cs_rio 1.2 is now available. It's the same cs_rio, but with some bugs corrected (cameras and stray bullet) and a few extras (new easter egg, HLTV overview and PODBot waypoints by Birita HQ). But you do don't need to update your cs_rio to connect to a cs_rio 1.2 server! I also added 2 more great maps to the Spotlight, de_troy and de_herrenberg. I also take the chance to say that de_sampa will be released in two three weeks top, this time for real! Special guest, Josias, the door man (art by Ethan)!

13/Mar/2002 - New maps at the Spotlight

Added 4 new maps to the Spotlight, de_747, de_citadel, de_desktop and de_zelda.

06/Mar/2002 - Just an update

pic pic
It's been almost one month since my last update, so let me tell what's happenig. I'll be holding de_sampa for a few more weeks, I have some contacts to make. Now I'm finishing a Deathmatch Classic map called just dmc_mata1 for now, but probably it will have some Quake name like Distorted Chaos, Mezzozoic Madness or something like that. I just need so lay down the weapons and tweak lightning to finish it. I'm also helping the new Gladiator mod with maps and textures. This mod has several interesting features, like lions and an active crowd, and I think it's gonna be very good. And check out cs_hokkaido, in the Spotlight, it's a very well done japan map.

08/Fev/2002 - de_Sampa is done!

pic pic
After several sleepless months, I'm finally 95% satisfied with de_sampa. it means that is is good for realese. I'm just waiting for the answer from regarding the inclusion of the map in the 2nd map-pack (not CS 1.4). cs_rio is also being very well voted for this pack, so I decided to fix some of its bugs, the big one being the stray bullet, now working properly, it can cause some headache. So now I'm just waiting for the right timing to release both maps...

05/Fev/2002 - Server search

I just finished a system that I wanted to do for a long time, MapWhere, to locate servers rnning my maps. Just select the map to show all the servers.

29/Jan/2002 - cs_rio wins!

pic pic
cs_rio won 5 out of 6 mapping prizes from the Q-Branch website! We took favourite map layout, atmosphere, texture set, overall map author, newcomer mapper! Thanks to all people who voted! See all the results here. Finally scanned the new articles featuring me and my maps, they are all available now. Regarding de_sampa, I feel really bad for not meeting my own deadlines, but the map is in final testing right now, I spend all my small spare time working on it. So, very soon is the best estimative I have for its release. Be patient, the more it takes, the better it gets...

10/Jan/2002 - New textures and articles

pic pic
I'm releasing 2 texture sets, Flash, made for a TFC map never finished, and Gladiator, made for the extinct mod. Both are available at the Textures page. And 2 more interviews with me were published, one in the brazilian journal Diario de Pernambuco, and the other in the brazilian magazine Play. All articles featuring me and my maps are available at the Articles page (the scans are missing, will upload asap). Here is one more pic from de_sampa, taken in a subway ventilation tunnel.

19/Dez/2001 - Sampa is coming...

pic pic
The Sao Paulo map will take a bit longer than expected, but the release is coming closer. Meanwhile, I'm publishing some new test pics with bots. And CSCentral, have just released its map-pack, with some very good new maps that make the download worthy. Check them in the Spotlight. And don't forget, vote cs_rio!

04/Dez/2001 - Vote cs_rio!

The Q-Branch web site is promoting the Gold Star Awards 2001, to elect the best map, skin, model and mod of 2001, between several other cathegories. So, if you're a cs_rio fan, vote here for cs_rio! Don't forget to specify the game: HL-Counter-Strike in the voting form.


29/Nov/2001 - Info magazine article

pic pic
There's an article about mods in the december edition of the brazilian magazine Info Exame featuring my map cs_rio! Also, I updated the de_sampa pics, with better ones.

01/Nov/2001 - New CSBR

pic pic
CSBR 3.0 E.1.3 has been released! CSBR is a Counter-Strike modification adding new models and brazilian sounds, and now have a Pitbicha module, based on the funniest fag in brazilian TV! And again another exclusive from Sao Paulo.

25/Oct/2001 - New forums

The new forums are up! But they are in portuguese...

24/Oct/2001 - cs_rio for 32 players

Due to some LAN requests, it's now available cs_rio 1.1, for 32 players. This is not the new cs_rio, it's the same original map, and just the server needs to be updated, everybody can play with the original cs_rio inthe 1.1 server. The ther diference in this version is that it includes new waypoints for PODBot 2.5, made by Birita HQ, so you just need to download it if you want to host a 32 player server or if you want the new waypoints. And I added 2 excellent maps in the Spotlight, Terminal22 and Docks2, a new version of the classic cs_docks.

10/Oct/2001 - New Sampa pics

pic pic
New pics of the Sao Paulo map! And I chanched the Reviews section, it is now called Spotlight, where I'll try to keep you up-to-date with all the excellent maps coming out around the world.

25/Set/2001 - Updated skyboxes

The skies list for Counter-Strike has been updated with 2 new from version 1.3. I also created sky pages for Day Of Defeat and Existence.As for the Sao Paulo map progress, we had a beta-test some weeks ago and realized that it is too huge, so I'm now reducing where I can and then I just need to decorate everything. Sooner or later it will be released...

11/Set/2001 - Article in Senha PC magazine

pic pic
There's an article about my map cs_rio in the brazilian games magazine Senha PC, which comes with the complete Rainbow Six game included!

29/Ago/2001 - de_mosqueb3

pic pic
After some turbulent weeks, the site is back. The beta3 version (and final, for now) of de_mosque is ready! Now it's a defusion map for 32 players. And now this site has skinz, you've got 3 different options for now: IceBlue, Matrix and Sandy.


There's a new reviews page in testing. I released coliseum, a very simple Deathmatch Classic version of the Coliseum I'm making for the Gladiator: Blood Sport mod (obs: map not available anymore). And here's another look at Sao Paulo...


pic pic
I've been interviewed by Portugal Arena! I updated some de_sampa pics (below), still far from release. And has set up a CS_RIO ALL DAY server, which runs only cs_rio 24/7:


pic pic
I joined my tutorials with my maps site creating this aberration you're seeing right now. All the tutorials are in portuguese, I will translate them to english if the public demands. My official forums (also in portuguese) are now the Level Designers Bulletin Board, associated with Wedge's Visions (another great brazilian mapper!). Go there to see my latest projects and give your feedback. And here's the first shots from cs_rio in the french mod Runaway, still in alpha phase:


New map, esnipa1, if it can be called a map! For the AWP fans!


cs_rio Waypoints for RealBot available on the files section! Thanks to Hyper D.


The full MP3 for the rap in cs_rio as well as the cs_rio waypoints for PODBot are now available! All on the files section.




cs_rio is out! First shots from flash (work name), my 1st TFC map.


New site design hosted by! Thanks to HitKiller, LordVader and Tsunami!

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