06/Ago/2014 - Bananas!

My new game Bananas!!! is out for iOS and Android. Download now!

01/Mar/2010 - Hipercubo out!

My new game Hipercubo is out! It's a puzzle game insude a Hypercube, for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You can by the full version for only US$1.99, or download the free version, with the Freestyle mode. Go, go, go!!!

28/Jan/2010 - Video Mapping

How can we apply our Level Design techniques on the real world? Until a while ago, I tought only architects, engineers and movie set designers could do that. But it was before Video Mapping. On february, here in So Paulo/Brasil, VJ Spetto, VJ Pixel and me will ministrate a Video Mapping Workshop, which is a technique that fills a physical space with video projections, covering all details (columns, doors, windows, objects, etc.), creating illusions that change our perception of the topography. On the picture above, we transformed a 60 meters wide concrete wall into a window to London. Exemples on facade, castle and a monument. We recommend bringing your projector, camera and notebook with After FX, Modul8, Photoshop, Autocad, Illustrator or similars. Complete infos at at Trackers.

01/Nov/2009 - Hipercubo Teaser

My new game Hipercubo just won the NAVE Award for Best Mobile Game on theBrazilian Independent Games Festival, at SBGames 2009. Check out the teaser trailer. Update: Available now on the App Store!!

18/Set/2009 - Maya 3D

Now I'm on the iPhone business! Until my first game is not ready (it will take 2 more months), let me introduce my first App, Maya 3D. It's a complete guide for the Maya calendar, with everything you need to know about it, available now at the App Store, for only $1.99 (on sale!!!). There's also the Lite version, for free, with just a taste of the 3D clock.

30/jan/2008 - Sorry, banned Counter-Strike!

LOL!!! cs_rio is on media again... I banned Counter-Strike again! That's right, some crazy judge banned CS in Brazil, and it all started with cs_rio. It's ridiculous, it won't get any results. If they think CS will make violent people, they should ban 90% of all games. It's ok to kill Bin Laden, SWAT squads, american and japanese troops, but not brazilian bandits! And they don't even speak portuguese on the game! In the end, it just attract more and more attention to the game and make cs_rio downloads skyrockets! So I fixed all the broken links on the site, now you can download all my maps and tools from MiB's FTP.

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