Sao Paulo (de_sampa)


Game: Half-Life / Counter-Strike
Type: Bomb Defuse
Mapping by: Mataleone
Design by: Mataleone & Crocodilo
Textures by: Mataleone & Crocodilo
Max players: 32
Release Date: 12/Abr/2002
Servers running this map: Look at MapWhere
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After Rio, it's Sao Paulo's turn to get its map...

Walk through the downtown streets, sneak through the subway and blast some buses! This map, made for 32 players, took almost one year to be released, so be prepared for massive funfights!

This map has also been included in the MapCreater MapPack, Punk Ass Fraggers Map Pack 3, Clan[00] High Qualitiy Classics Pack and LanManiax Dead Cities Map-Pack.

Downloads - de_sampa v.1.0 - 7.1 Mb - Pacote de texturas para mappers - 5.0 Mb


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