The Mosque (de_mosque)


Game: Half-Life / Counter-Strike
Type: Defusion/Hostage Rescue
Mapping by: Mataleone
Design by: Mataleone
Textures by: Mataleone
Max players: 32
Status: This is the final version for now
Release Date: 29/Ago/2001
Servers running this map: Look at MapWhere


The Mosque! My first playable map! Still lacks a lot of things, but I have no intention to continue work on i so soon, so the beta3 is the final version for now. A lot of people says it is too huge, but that's exactly what I wanted.

In the beta 3 version, for 32 players, the rebels must destroy a secret society temple who want to control the world. Based on The Invisibles comic book series, by Grant Morrison.

In the beta1 version, for 20 players, the CTs come in by the sewers to rescue the hostages scattered around the Mosque.

BTW, I want to note that it was not my intention to recreate the temple of any existing religion. I was just took asiatic architecture and artistic styles as an inspiration...

Downloads - de_mosqueb3 beta 3 - 3.4 Mb


International Pain (4/5)


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