Cold Mansion (cs_coldmansion)


Game: Half-Life / Counter-Strike
Type: Hostage Rescue
Mapping by: Mataleone
Textures by: X-Tender & Mataleone
Max players: 32
Release Date: 16/Ago/2002
Servers running this map: Look at MapWhere


Remake of a classic! The good old Mansion, with better textures, less lag and a few gameplay fixes. It is not a new map inspired on cs_mansion, it's the same map, just better.

I made 2 versions, Cold Mansion is the clean one, check out the haunted version, cs_oldmansion!

This map is also included in the Punk Ass Fraggers Map Pack 4, & Clan[00] XMAS Pack 2002 and [00] & Xmas-Pack 2003.

Downloads - cs_coldmansion - 2.9 Mb - cs_coldmansion + cs_oldmansion - 7.0 Mb


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