Name: Roger
Version: 3.0
HQ: Sampa, Brasil
e-mail: roger

Who's this guy?

I'm a programmer since I was a kid. I used to make my own games with LOGO and BASIC back in the days of ZX Spectrum, MSX, XT, AT, and so on... I started to work as a C/UNIX programmer about 10 years ago, and that's my strong vein. I started mapping just for fun, it became more and more exciting and I con't stop it now. I always wanted to work with computer graphics, and since I moved to programming, mapping is a great way to fulfill that wish, and a good way to enter the game development market. I made my first maps for Doom, I rebuild the entire ground floor from the building I used to live and even made a mini-mod, replacing animations and sounds with Iron Maiden clips. I also made several Stunts tracks, the kind you just cannot take your feet from the pedal.

I used to love X-Rally, Elevator Action e Joust, had tons of tapes that took 5 minutes to load a small game on the days of ZX Spectrum and MSX, like Starquake, Bruce Lee, Metabolis, Castle Excellent, Eggerland Mystery, Nemesis, Knightmare, Maze of Galious, La Badia del Crimen, Tir Na Nog, Penetrator, and so many other classics. You already noticed that I love emulators, huh? Games taught me english, to be patient and are a great way to relax whan you don't have anything else to do.

And to take care of my mind, I make some jumps when I have some spare cash. Skydiving is something you just can't describe, there's nothing like it, you have to prove to know how it is.

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